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Last month, we launched the first phase of our newest business, a web-based community for medical marijuana users called potHopper! While we work on fine-tuning our site, merchandise to promote it can be found at strainshopper.com. Customers are already raving about our unique, strain-specific product offerings!

In addition, our areas of interest and business/ product development include:

  • Food service/restaurant industry

  • Home improvement

  • Social media

  • Medical cannabis

Through ingenuity and innovation, we craft novel solutions to everyday problems to fit consumers' individual lifestyles.

LSD Enterprises, Ltd. is a Colorado-based LLC specializing in creating business and product solutions to help consumers save time and money on the things they do every day.  Above all else, we are dedicated to honesty and transparency in all of our business dealings, and endeavor to be the model of what an all-American company should be. Follow our progress and exciting developments in the coming months to see just how we can change your life for the better!

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